4 Ways To Look Super Cute At The Gym


Dear Fashionistas,

A workout routine at the gym can be quite daunting sometimes. The extensive exercises might be beneficial for your body but at the end of the day, a look in the mirror can set you off.

After hours of sweating and working out, you won’t really be looking like a prom queen. But you are not doomed to look like Cruella for eternity. Don’t worry, anyone who joins the gym faces this problem.


Want to know what you can do about it? Here are a few tips that you can follow to look super cute at the gym.

Be Comfortable in whatever you wear

You might want to look your best at the gym but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. The first thing to consider is the fabric of your outfit. Go for something that allows you to move comfortably. You might wonder what the fabric would have to do about looking beautiful. That’s the thing. Unless you feel confident and feel at your best, you can’t look better. Go for something that keeps you cool and motivates you go work off that extra fat.


You can also opt for the stylish workout outfits from Fabletics. They would definitely get you in the mood for a day at the gym. The added benefit? They make you look your best.

Add color to your gym outfit

Now that you have selected the perfect outfit for your workout session, you would want to make it more attractive. No need to add frills or ribbons, that’s too over the top. What you can do is just add some color to the whole apparel. It is believed that if you like your workout outfit, it’s more likely that you’ll feel motivated to work out. Some people go overboard with this tip and end up looking like a Popsicle. Please don’t subject other people at the gym with this visual torture.

You can go for a subtler look and just add color to the shoes.

Apply light makeup

No, it doesn’t mean that you can clog your pores by applying a ton of makeup. What you are looking for is a more natural look and for that you just need a little bit of gloss and waterproof mascara. The best idea is to just focus on the brows. It will provide a more open look to your eyes and would polish your face.

Try new hairstyles

Most ladies prefer ponytails as their hairdo for the gym and it does look good. Since the main objective is to keep the hair out of your eyes, any hairstyle would do. But to get that super cute look, better go for a braid or a stylish bun.

Do try these tips and make the best of your natural looks. Find out more tips. Have a great day!


xoxo Nicki



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