Local Brand Ellison Eyewear Is Bringing Back True Craftsmanship

Aristotle -Ellison Eyewear

Dear Fashionistas,

Meet my friend and entrepreneur Aristotle Loumis, founder and owner of Ellison Eyewear.  I first met him as a brand I represented during my pop-up phase.  Our event at the W Lakeshore location was off the charts. The W was so kind to offer the space in the lobby as well as drink and food specials for all of our guests.  One of the most memorable moments that evening was the line around the Ellison Eyewear display table.  I wandered over there to see what all the hubbub was all about and noticed Aristotle personally fitting each and every customer!  You know how you walk into a store to look at sunglasses and you start trying them all on and no one is there to help?  We all have experienced that before.  Well, I don’t have to tell you how he made out at that event do I?  Let’s just say, he wanted to do it all over again!

“One of the biggest treats I have as a Chicago entrepreneur, is working with the amazing local talent such as Fashionista Chicago; from the venues, models, event coordinators and influencers. The W pop-up was just a by product of what happens when we work together.”  -Aristotle Loumis

Aristotle takes Customer Care to a new level.  He has recreated the customer path to purchase cycle with its innovative Club Ellison concept. This unique customer service model allows the consumer to buy in for a one-time fee and in return gives them lifetime insurance on their frames. Should a Club Ellison members glasses be lost, stolen, or broken they will have access to the entire collection at exclusive membership pricing.


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About Ellison Eyewear: Every pair of Ellison’s is handcrafted in a family-owned workshop in Greece. Aristotle spent three years in Italy and Greece scouring the areas for the highest quality materials and manufacturing available. Today, every pair of Ellison frames is handcrafted in a family-owned workshop in Greece and uses the highest quality Italian materials and metals.  What’s more, Ellison provides a tangible way for its membership community to help change the world. Not only does a portion of each Ellison sale go to Aravind Eye Care System, but members are also given the opportunity to participate in annual impact-travel excursions where they can immerse themselves in philanthropic experiences while exploring some of the most beautiful corners of the earth.  

“To date, our membership community has built 40 news homes in Nicaragua for families in need,” states Loumis. “This June 2017 our community will be heading to Greece to work with local refugee camps, serving food and delivering goods to families.”

The Howard Sunglass Tortoise by Ellison

Sophia-Blackwood Sunglasses by Ellison


Today my friend is expanding his business and  has built a business model that has become the fastest growing equity crowdfunding campaign in America!  It is a unique business model and dedication to quality products that has made this a local fashion startup one to watch in 2017.  Click here to become an investor or learn more about the Ellison Collection.

Nicki Brashear


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