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Annie Mohaupt is MOHOP

Being an Architect was Annie Mohaupt’s childhood dream but that soon changed after her first post-grad job was attained. She realized that being an architect in real life was not what was portrayed in the movies –drafting tables, consulting with clients and being creative. No, her new job consisted of sitting in front of a computer all day and everyday.

Yearning to find something to make by her own hands she dabbled in handbags, jewelry and other accessories, ultimately finding her calling in handmade shoes made from re-purposed wood. Mohaupt had a vision making shoes in the same way skateboards were produced and started creating different prototypes until she found the design that was comfortable and stylish. After six months of working day and night to find that right shoe Mohaupt set up shop in a local craft fair and sold out of several sizes of her shoes in one day. She knew than she had designed a shoe people craved. MOHOP was created.

Mohop is an eco-friendly footwear company specializing in wood-soled shoes with infinite style possibilities and can be categorized in two lines: (1) The bespoke line is entirely handmade in Chicago. The wood in Mohop’s handmade line is sustainably sourced from American forests or our woods from Chicago’s “urban forest” that have been salvaged from fallen trees due to storms or construction projects.

(2) Ready-to-wear soles are made from Para rubber wood plantations in Malaysia. Para rubber trees produce latex for approximately 25 years – when the trees are tapped out, the wood is then reused to produce Mohop footwear (and other wood products).

The shape of the wood sole is designed to facilitate a natural “rolling” motion while walking, while the ergonomically-carved footbed provides arch support and cradles the forefoot and heel. The elastic loops that the ties lace through allow the upper part of the shoe to move with the foot while walking, eliminating blisters and chafing. The amazing part of the shoes is not just the style but the process involved. Below is a behind the scenes sneak-peek of the be-spoke design process:

The result of Mohop’s hard work:
Annie Mohaupt shoes

Find more selections on her website at

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  1. Jane DeStefano March 29, 2016 at 7:14 pm #

    I would like to order custom made shoes

    • Nicki Brashear March 30, 2016 at 8:00 am #

      Hi Jane, you can contact the designer herself. Go to to select your shoes or contact her directly.

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