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Chicago’s Fashionisto Aristotle Loumis Creates Booming Non-Profit with Hot Ellison Sunglasses
The Chicest Greek of Chicago, Aristole Loumis, is putting his mark in the fashion world with Ellison Sunglasses. Sold exclusively online, we had the opportunity to sit down with Aristotle and talk about  what the latest spring trends are and the best Greek food in town!

FC: What inspired you to help out underprivileged people in all parts of the world and why were you so interested in specifically cataract surgery?
AL: The cataract surgery is more of an economic problem. Food and clothing, in my opinion, are temporary fixes, but when you restore someone’s eyesight back, you are restoring their ability to be an active member of their community, thus solving an economic problem.

FC: How did you get your business up and running?
AL: I have always been involved in philanthropy on a micro scale; however, I wanted to solve a bigger problem on a macro scale. It started with an idea; how will we solve a problem on a global scale? We wanted to start off as a non-for-profit, but it is difficult to get people to donate the necessary funds in order to really make an impact. So the idea was sell quality sunglasses, to the masses, at an affordable price that we knew people would love. For every sunglass bought, we donate a full cataract surgery to someone in need.

FC: What does Ellison mean?
AL: Ellison comes from Latin word “Elli” which is sunlight and from the Greek word “Helios” which is also sunlight. Metaphorically, we want block the sunlight from our consumers, which can actually promote the development of cataracts, and bring sunlight into the lives of those of need.

FC: Who are some of your personal hero’s?
AL: Greg Pappas, founder of Greek American Foundation. He demonstrates how global issues can be solved when individuals and communities unite together. Seeing how he connects people with a cause, is incredibly inspiring to me and something I try to replicate in my business model with Ellison Sunglass Co every single day.

FC: Do you personally design the sunglasses? What is the new look for spring?
AL: Yes, we do! The new look is a modification of traditional styles.

FC: What’s next for Ellison?
AL: We are coming out with plenty more styles for our spring line to give our customers more of a variety.

FC: What are some of your personal favorite stores in Chicago?
AL: I am a huge fan of J.Toor. Their ability to revolutionize what it means to get a custom tailored suit is the sole-reason why I fell in love them. From the hand stitching, piping, embroidering to monogramming, is just some of the customary things they provide when getting a suit. Setting them a part form any “off-the-rack” retailers I previously shopped at, and really providing me with a unique piece each and every time

FC: What is the difference between NYC fashion and Chicago fashion, excluding the size of the business?
AL: I think there just isn’t a big enough market; it needs to be a community effort to host more shows, gatherings, which will raise the competitiveness of the fashion industry.

FC: What are some of your favorite restaurants in Chicago?
AL: I am bias and love Greek food! So, some of my favorites are Greek Islands and Nine Muses. I also am a huge fan of Joe’s Seafood, and Mastro’s!

FC: What accessory could you not live without?
AL: My Ellison Sunglasses!

Interview by Fashionista Chicago Contributor Genna Katz

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