Bret Michaels

by Nicki Brashear, August 12, 2011

Bret Michaels Rocks the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Chicago

Bret Michaels is in town for the Rock ‘N Roll marathon on Sunday to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  As a stylish rock legend and known for his philanthropy, Fashionista Chicago got a moment of his time to ask him about his involvement in philanthropy, his tour and of course fashion.

Thank you for coming to Chicago and supporting the American Cancer Society by playing in the Rock n’ Roll Marathon post-race concert!  How do you find time to fit in philanthropic venues like this while touring?

Giving back is everything to me. I’ve been so fortunate in my life so I’m always looking for ways to support charitable causes.  I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when I was 6 years old, I’m a proud spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association and you’d better believe I practice what I what I preach.  The American Cancer Society is a cause that’s extremely important to me as well. I want to be a good role model for other people who are taking charge of their health so I do everything I can to support causes like the Rock n’ Roll Marathon that support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Your fans recognize the incredible time you will be giving to various charities by participating in four Rock n’ Roll marathon events this year, how did you get your start in the marathon series?

I just want to give back as much as I can in as many ways as I can. We should never take anything for granted in life- believe me I’ve learned that- so I make charity a priority in my life. And the Rock n’ Roll Marathon is a fun and unique event and the American Cancer Society is a truly great cause, Every Rock n’ Roll Marathon I’ve performed at so far has been a blast, so I’m excited to be performing in Chicago.

We heard through cyberspace that the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll race was beyond describable.  As a Rock n’ Roll legend participating at the post-race concert, I bet the runners are just super excited to get to the finish line and enjoy your performance.  What song will you play first as the runners start streaming in?

The Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon was a blast. It was such a fun event, totally a wild time and the crowd was amazing. I don’t want to give that away just yet- the first song will be a surprise, so stay tuned!

Chicago loves you and Poison but I heard no big dates are scheduled to play here.  What’s the scoop?

I love Chicago right back. I’ve had some solo dates in the Chicago area for my solo tour, Get Your Rock On, and I’ll be back in Illinois in September. Chicago is an incredible city with some incredible crowds, so I’m looking forward to the Rock n’ Roll marathon here, and I’m looking forward to future Chicago dates as well. 

What is the one word to describe the relationship between yourself and Nikki Sixx during the sold out Poison and Mötley Crüe shows?  It could turn out to be a really haute reality show don’t you think? 

We’re having a blast. Posion- they’re all my brothers, and we all have nothing but respect for Motely and Nikki Sixx. We’re focusing on the tour right now, we’re thrilled to be on the summer tour with Motley. Its all about the music and fans. 

You have been a huge trendsetter in Rock n’ Roll fashion, what’s the secret to a look with the right amount of Rock n’ Roll edge?

Attitude. Everything else is negotiable.

We are obsessed with you and your cowboy hats, tell us the significance of them.  Why cowboy?  And can we get a signed one?

I’m a country boy at heart. And I love country music as a genre- I grew up on real old country like Hank Williams Sr. I definitely grew into the hard rock that I’m most associated with and as an artist with a 25-year career, you have to branch out and do different things. I love all kinds of music and I’m fortunate enough to be an independent artist and to have the freedom to experiment with my music. I don’t part with my hats easily, but I’ll see if I can make an exception.

Tell us one piece of clothing or accessory you can’t live without?  

Jeans are a must have for me.

Lastly, what is your must have item in you’re dressing room? 

Healthy snacks. I’m a lifelong diabetic so I have to keep my blood-sugar in check. I always put my health first so lots of high-protein, low-carb snacks are a must have for keeping my energy up onstage and on the road.


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