Corri McFadden


Corri McFadden the “style maven and business-savvy powerhouse” is the founder/owner of eDrop-off which is an upscale consignment business in Chicago.

McFadden threw all misconceptions out the door regarding authentic luxury items and landed on top.

I met with McFadden at the eDrop-off storefront in Lincoln Park and got a behind the scenes tour.  The front of the business is an upscale boutique space featuring some of the items being sold on eBay including Derek Lam, BCBG and Moth.  The behind the scenes space is where it all comes together including  photography, description writers, customer care managers etc.  However, what astounded me was the mass merchandise of gently used and new clothing and accessories neatly sorted and hung like every girls dream closet!

With over 200 items being bought and sold a day, one cannot imagine the Louboutin, Chanel and Prada items passing through like a revolving door on a daily basis.  The restraint one must have! Or not.

We sat down in her black and white contemporary office and discussed what every woman in fashion wants to know.  How did you make this business so successful?  It’s no secret the fashion industry in Chicago is hard to get into other than retail or creating your own role.  That is exactly how McFadden started.  She created a business plan to sell items on eBay. At first she sold whatever she could to make a living but after years of hard work, she realized that she needed to re-write her plan and focus on what she knew best; Fashion.  She wanted to break all misconceptions of high-end consignment including the pain point of questioning whether the product is authentic or not.  In order to do this, she re-branded herself and became the expert on luxury goods and customer service.


All business aside, McFadden has fun too! Premiering in March, her reality-show “House of Consignment” will debut and is based on her daily life at eDrop-off including trips to a few high priced closets with unlimited amount of designer clothing and accessories to help sort through the items they no longer wear.

If that’s not enough, stay tuned next month when she will be launching an accessory line and retailed in various boutiques around Chicago and nationwide.  “I bet we will see something at Sofia Vintage which is one of her favorite boutiques.”

And finally- eDrop-off is expanding!  Watch out New Yorkers, a Chicago style maven is opening up in SOHO this summer and making a statement not to be reckoned with.


Her Celine Bag.



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