Edgardo Osorio

Edgardo Osorio

Edgardo Osorio

Mr. Osorio, thank you for taking the time to speak with me.  We at Fashionista Chicago are thrilled about your new collection AQUAZZURA!

What inspired you to create a new luxurious footwear collection on your own after working with prestigious luxury brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo?  What will be the difference between your collection and any other luxury brand?

There is very little new blood in the shoe world. You hear of many successful young designers in clothes like Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim, but not many shoe designers. I’m 26, but have been working for almost 10 years so it gives me a unique point of view. I also saw too many complicated over designed shoes out there. I think there is a market for a more feminine, easy and sexy shoes.   When you go to a shop and you see a shoe that you might confuse for a weird sculpture, you probably won’t look good when you wear it. I create shoes to enhance a women’s beauty, not design school projects.

After years of working for luxury brands, I saw there was a gap in the market for a designer brand that had amazing quality shoes that weren’t excessively expensive. My shoes all retail for under 700 dollars and most of my shoes in the Spring/Summer collection are within 350-500 dollars.  

What was the most difficult challenge you had to endure in order to branch out on your own?

Having my own line of shoes is something I’ve know I’ve wanted to do since I was 12 years old. After years of experience learning from some very amazing companies in which I worked with I felt confortable branching out on my own. The one thing that is difficult is always the day to day office problems of the business as small company.  As a Designer I would rather be taking care of creative things all the time, but now I have to deal with many other things as well so its much more hard work.

Designing a shoe is one thing but wearing them is another, what did you consider first when you started the process?

As a man, I don’t get to wear the shoes I design, but I’m very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful women who love shoes and constantly give me feedback.  When I first start designing its pure creation: I see something while I’m traveling, an image, a movie, a book or I see a very chic girl somewhere and I get inspired. Then I start sketching for hours on end, usually when I’m away on a holiday at the beach or somewhere I like, but also on planes, trains and anywhere when I have a free moment. I design things to be beautiful. Then when I give my designs to the factory and I discuss the shoes with the pattern makers and artisans it’s where the more technical aspects come in like comfort and anatomy. Beauty is important, but if you’re in pain you don’t look sexy. To me comfort is key.

What are some of the 2012 trends we should be looking for in your collection?

There’s a lot of snakeskin, which I find very beautiful, luxurious and sexy.  I also developed a very special Dalmatian print on the snake, which I love. Slippers, the new ballerinas, are a huge trend. I’m very happy with our Maria Carla slippers, which come in a very cool polka dot snake with rubberized metal hardware. I’m happy to say there is a return to a very feminine shoe, so sling backs and shoes with very little or no platform feel new again.

Can we expect to purchase AQUAZZURA collection in Chicago?  

For this SS2012 season, the collection will only be available on neopolitan collection, shopbop.com or in New York at a new concept store called Five Story.

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