Gabrielle Zwick

Gabriell Zwick

Gabrielle Zwick


Thank you Gabrielle for taking the time to speak with me.  We at Fashionista Chicago love to see new emerging designers in Chicago make a name for themselves in the fashion world. It appears you are making a path to do just that!  So let’s get started:

How did you get interested in designing?
I think my interest in design stemmed from my interest in art. I began drawing at a very young age, people mostly. By about age nine my drawings became more about what the people were wearing than the people themselves. Drawing and designing clothes as a career just made sense.

Any inspirations from other designers to help guide your way?
I try not to become too “inspired” by other designers. I think it’s important to be as original as possible with designs. When you have something that’s different, people tend to notice.

How would you describe your current collection?
In my past collections, I have used a lot of bright colors. With this collection, I used darker colors and focused more on the textures and textiles. I found inspiration in my Catholic school upbringing and decided to do a new take on the private school uniform. Short flared skirts, cropped sweaters, and high-waisted shorts are common silhouettes within this collection. 

Black Short dress with peek a boo sleeves High Low Black Dress

What are your ultimate goals?  Would you want your own boutique in NY for example?
My ultimate goal is to sell in many boutiques and department stores across the world. I want to be a well known and respected designer. 

Any advice for other aspiring designers?
I would tell aspiring designers to make sure that this is what they really want to do. This is a very competitive industry, and it takes most designers 10 years after graduation to get recognized within this industry. So if it is something they really love, to never give up. 

What’s the one thing in your handbag, you can’t live without?

Rosebud Salve. It’s perfect for chapped lips or just as a moisturizer. It has a great tint for lips and cheeks, great on dry winter hands and even blemishes. 

Favorite Chicago shopping scene?
My favorite Chicago shopping scene would have to be those who shop local. There are so many great local designers and stores and I love shoppers who support it.   (we agree)!!

Favorite Junk Food?
Barbecue chips. Kettle cooked. Number one weakness!!! 

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