Katie Schuppler

Katie Schuppler

Katie, as one of Chicago’s leading stylist, give us a brief snippet on how you start KS Style Consulting?

I had been a Style Director at Fred Boutique in Milwaukee and worked there for 4 years and always knew I wanted to move to a bigger city and start my own business. About 2 years ago I moved to Chicago and started my styling business right away.

There are many personal stylists out there, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

That’s a great question. I think I really try to get to know their personal style, history, and personalities through my Style Assessments and the Closet Clean-out stage. I also try to only shop at local boutiques, especially the more affordable ones to be able to give my client a more distinguished look than the fashion franchises give.

What we like at Fashionista Chicago is your flirty take on sophistication. You always add a little flair to you’re styling techniques. Where do you get your style inspiration?

Why thank you! :) I would say 90% of my personal style is Bohemian, but I’d like to think I am a Renaissance woman in fashion in that I am up to try anything and have fun with it!

Tell us about your closet clean-out and how does it relate to your styling?

The closet clean-outs I find to be the jumpstart of the styling process. It helps me to see what the client wears in clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Then we are able to weed out what is visual “noise” and create a great/fashion forward outfit. After that we usually do some Personal Shopping to add wardrobe staples, basics, and replacements of worn items that should be refreshed.

What do you see as some of the biggest trends this season? How do you incorporate it in your consultations?

Some of the biggest trends this season are neons and houndstooth. Many clients will have these trends in some way, shape, or form in their closets already and think they should throw them out, but I say to keep the trendier pieces you love and put them aside for when they come back on the fashion scene, because we all know that they will!

Where do you shop when styling a client?

The places that I love to shop at for my clients are Veruca Salt, Sequin, Hubba Hubba, Comfort Me, Sara Jane, and Lori’s Shoes. They all encompass great, affordable style, all while maintaining the quality we all want in our clothing and accessories.

We hope you support Chicago designers when styling. Any favorites?

I am all about supporting local designers and in my opinion Chicago has some of the best right now as well as having some of the most coveted designers in the fashion world such as Brian Atwood, who I love oh so much! I adore Anna Hovet’s edgy yet comfortable fashion sense in her designs. And Christina Fan has a bohemian, city, and sophisticated style all at the same time in her clothing.

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