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Peach Carr Designs-Our Project Runway Winner

Peach CarrPeach Carr is a Chicago area native and designer at-large. Successfully finished season 8 on Project Runway with Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn at her side. Peach has been caught up in a whirlwind of frenzy ever since. So I asked her, “What’s it like after Project Runway?” Her answer was simple and concise: “Crazy! Crazy Wonderful.”

Peach has a delightful presence to her and is very welcoming and eager to speak about her life as a designer and just about anything else you would like to know. I met with her at her home in Lake Forest. Her home is bright and cheery with kitschy vintage pieces throughout. The personality of the house complements the creative and fun attributes of Peach Carr.

We settled in her studio where her Fall 2011 fabric just arrived. Hounds-tooth will be her signature print in several different shades. Now that Tim Gunn categorized Peach as “Country Club Chic”, her tennis-wear collection has been her focus and has been very successful. The collection is wearable, washable and affordable. The fashionable collection is inspired by the era of the 60’s and 70’s with bright bold colors and fun patterns designed to wear from a tennis match to lunch, dinner or a girls night out.

As a local designer, Peach utilizes Chicago manufactures to keep her collection local although she says they are really tough to find. She is hoping the new mayor will help bring more apparel “manufacturers” to Chicago so that more designers will keep their production local. “It would be easier to stay local for many designers if the sources were available”, she states.

No matter what, Peach is our local “Country Club Chic” designer who will always stay near. That we can count on. Her next step is to sell her collection in a large retailer and hope her current manufacturer will be able to produce the quantity the demand will create. In between the designing and marketing, Peach is active in many local charities and local school events, including mentoring a young 12 year old girl who recognized Peach at the mall one day and eventually became a student of Peach’s.

Peach has that special ingredient to make her product rise. Her vision is beyond the mass hysteria but wearable. Peach Carr has the Midwest personality of being warm and forthcoming which makes her collection “made with love” a reality.Check out Peach’s website. Her website is a reflection of her personality.

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