Just What is The FIT Institute? Physical Therapy and Personal Training

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There are gyms popping-up pretty much on every corner in Chicago.  They probably give Starbucks a run for their locations! The FIT Institute is no ordinary gym and it is not on a corner.

The new FIT Institute created a physical therapy and personal training facility that would bridge the gap between sports performance and physical therapy.  This includes therapeutic exercises and evaluation of movement to ensure safe yet effective progression to meeting your fitness and performance goals.


This new concept allows the athlete access to top health care providers and sports performance professionals. This medical approach to sports performance promotes efficiency of the human body during sports specific activities to attain optimal performance.

Although I am not sport-minded, I gave The FIT Institute a whirl.  I wanted to see how The FIT Institute combined the two in a single visit.

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Mary Kate, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and four time national champ over-came two ACL surgeries during her career at Northwestern is one of the owners.  She began with a thorough assessment during the initial evaluation.

She noticed my left leg was a bit unbalanced and realized my hip needed more focus in alignment.  This was than communicated to Luigi, a former collegiate soccer player and now personal trainer who sustained several shoulder injuries during his career requiring him to undergo two surgeries and intense physical therapy.

Luigi really focused on the rotation on my hip/leg with every stretch and move during the training session and at the same time, really pushed me to do my best.

It really made sense for the two to work together so that you’re not just hopping into a training session without knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  I would not have thought that it was my hip that needed to be aligned if I didn’t work with Mary Kate first.  I would have just thought my left leg is weaker than my right. Isn’t that normal?

Are you ready to take The FIT institute in for a spin?

New Classes being offered September 12th.

Adult Group Training – 50 minute sessions to allow you the time to drop your child off and pick them up in time! Join The FIT Institute for an efficient yet effective workout!
Located in the Bradley Business Center.
Drop In Sessions- $25/session

Adolescent Performance Therapy-  Start the school year off right with a movement assessment from physical therapist Mary Kate Casey and follow up with personal trainer and soccer specialist Luigi DeGirolamo.  We specialize in speed, agility, strength and conditioning to make sure you are healthy and ready to play your sport this Fall and Winter seasons. 6 week sessions (1x a week for 6 sessions will cost $180, 2x a week for 12 sessions will cost $360).

The FIT Institute is located at:
2500 w Bradley Place #F

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