Re-Create These Popular Street-Style Blogger Looks

Dear Fashionistas,

With social media, especially Instagram as our go-to for fashion inspiration we have a few favorites that we love to check out on the regular. From NYC to Chicago,  great street-style is everywhere. Check out a few of our favorite street style bloggers from Chicago and around the nation to re-create create these effortless looks.

Blake Von D is a bold and beautiful Chicago girl with a stunning face! One of the reasons we love this babe is because her makeup is always flawless. The way she carries herself in photos is uber confident as a strong woman. The uniqueness of her shots is what catches our eye and with just a short scroll through her gallery, you’ll see what we mean. @blakevond


Mia always has the best settings for her photos and by that, we mean both lighting and the background lifestyle settings. With her gorgeous looks, handsome hubby, and cute doggy she is the complete package! We love how she is always perfectly put together no matter the photo while strutting her stuff all around the Big Apple. @miamiamine



Farh From Ordinary is a Chi-town cutie who gives us major street style vibes and she has those gorgeous long locks to compliment her looks. She is super chic with a little bit of an edge and is always snapping perfect shots all around Chicago showcasing her pride for this fabulous city we live in! @farhfromordinary



Arielle is a gorgeous mama to be and is the one behind a very highly followed Instagram account (Something Navy) and we know why. Her effortless looks in her photos are always on point and even when she is dressed to the nines she looks like she was able to throw on her outfit in a just a few minutes. @somethingnavy



Marianna is an LA-based beauty and fashion blogger who always takes incredible feminine and soft photos! We love how she always has her style game on point and finds a way to work blush pink into many of her posts. Check out her videos on YouTube for awesome beauty tips and tricks to try at home! @marianna_hewitt

FC- Marianna Hewitt


Tina Phan from San Francisco is a lawyer and style blogger.  She makes everything she puts on look so effortless.  We love her chic-denim looks the best!  Because who doesn’t like to wear their favorite dungarees with a hip top and cool shoes? @teapea19

Tina Phan

::All 📷 taken from the bloggers profile::                                                                  Read more stylish posts from Fashionista Chicago.

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