Small Cheval

Dear Fashionistas,

After my pedicure at Spa Soak on Milwaukee Ave., I stopped into Small Cheval for a cheeseburger and fries.  It is absolutely impossible to pass this little food spot up without stopping in because the aroma produces a lightening bolt of deliciousness inside your olfactory.  It then triggers your brain to follow this aroma into the door of a carnivore cavern that takes hold of you.

Okay so I am going a little overboard but you have heard of Au Cheval right? Bon Appetit declared it the best burger in America. C’mon ladies and gents, food is ON in Chicago if you haven’t noticed.

At any rate the popular restaurant opened up a smaller version of Au Cheval called Small Cheval and only serves up it’s famous cheeseburger or hamburger.  Gotta have the cheeseburger if you’re doing this.  It’s just the right amount of burger, cheese and a lightly toasted airy bun.

The house serves it with pickle, onion and a special aioli sauce.  All the right amount.  You can add bacon but you don’t need it.  The french fries are perfectly done they way I like them. Crispy and hot. Yep, that’s what they are.

Beware of a line midday.  Go at 11 or 11;30 if your in a hurry, or stand in line and drink a beer.


xo Nicki


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