So, What’s New In Chicago ? How about PartySlate

Dear Fashionistas,

There has been a lot of new activity around Chicago recently. A lot of buzz in the tech, beauty and food scene. So I have been busy discovering what’s new in Chicago! In between working for my clients and popping into new venues, my life has been a bit cray cray.  But it’s a good thing. I promise.

One of my favorite venues to announce is Partyslate. The newly launched partyslate the luxury event and idea website.  It’s a place you can find inspiration, venues and top pros for your next event. The launch was last month at the dynamic, multi-room Moonlight Studios in Chicago’s River West neighborhood. The event was worth well over $500,000!  It was the most amazing event I have had the privilege to attend. The food and entertainment was to die for but the way each vendor took a space and literally transformed it into a magical space was outstanding.  Take a look for yourself with photos below:

The clothesline held maple and spiced bacon was one of the most popular stops for a snack.  Gee I wonder why?  There was actually a line to pick the bacon off the “clothesline”.  It was worth the wait. Thick, crunchy and sweet. Mmmm mmm mmmm.
bacon swp_0449_sheriwhitko img_0771_sheriwhitko platinum-room-shot mezcal margaritas089a8811_sheriwhitko
Photo credit: Sheri Whitko Photography

The various entertainment strolled throughout the whole space so you didn’t miss a beat. From a man serving wine from a giant bicycle to ladies on stilts, a violin player and a choir singing Rolling Stones, I think it’s pretty safe to say that PartySlate knows how to put a party on.


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